We Help Small Biz Owners Explode Their Social Media Engagement Using Contest Giveaways!
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How We Got 3,541 Subscribers In 60 Days...
For Less Than $0.45 Per Lead!

CJ & Marq, RevUp Fitness

No that wasn’t a click-bait headline, and no we're not exaggerating those stats one bit.

From the period between December 1 and January 31, we ran a “contest giveaway campaign” for huge local music event. The campaign costs were around $1,400 (including the giveaway prize) and it resulted in 3,541 brand new email addresses (plus phone numbers!) of potential customers, $0.41 per new lead.

If you have ever spent money on digital marketing to generate new leads for your business, you know just how expensive it could get. In fact, some fitness and health businesses are willing to spend up to $100 for a new lead!

But it doesn’t have to be that expensive if you think outside the box and use a little creativity. In this case study we’re going to walk you through how to use something called “Contest Giveaways”. 

This is an effective strategy for any business owner looking to grow through digital marketing because; 

1. It won’t cost you a lot to execute
2. It’s simple and easy to setup (no steep learning curve like SEO)
3. You can rapidly grow your sales pipeline in a matter of weeks
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